Progetto strategico Legge 449/97 (Fondi 2000) Settore "Piattaforme ITC abilitanti, complesse, ad oggetti, distribuite" finanziato dal MIUR.

The goal of the RoboCare project is to build a multi-agent system which generates user services for human assistance. The system is to be implemented on a distributed and heterogeneous platform, consisting of a hardware and software prototype.

MAVR is responsible of the unit of image processing. Its role is to build a platform able to reconstruct 3D models of the scene viewed by the robots. To the scope, MAVR will work on collections of range data, to transform them into polygonal models.

In particular, the following themes will be developed inside the project:
  • Acquisition of range data.
  • Range data compression.
  • Multi-scale surface reconstruction in real-time.
  • Application of the color field to the 3D models.

    Intermediate milestones
    First milestone (May 2003)
    Second milestone (October 2003)

  • Borghese N.A., Maggioni M. and Ferrari S., (2003) Multi-Scale Approximation with Hierarchical Radial Basis Functions Networks, IEEE Trans. Neural Networks, In press.